In compliance with European regulations LU.MAR. is active in the diffusion of the photovoltaic and wind modules and the most technologically advanced electrical energy storage systems, and therefore it is able to ensure maximum performance levels in terms of power, efficiency and durability warranty. Always paying attention to innovative technologies on the market and on the most favorable tax breaks, LU.MAR. directs its customers towards solutions tailored to their needs, while maximizing cost saving opportunities.


The first machine on the market that produces clean energy using different renewable sources

LU.MAR. Impianti s.r.l. is happy to announce the acquisition of some shares of the innovative start-up Verde 21, an Energy Service Company. Therefore they start at the LU.MAR. house of new production processes, starting from January 2018, based on Green Energy, an alternative solution that has always been shared, researched and encouraged by the company itself.

DYNAMO® are elegant multi-source clean-tech energy systems. The internationally patented design exploits the shapes of the “Platonic Solids” and the three-dimensional nature present in Nature to optimize the conversion of solar energy into electricity.



The recently inaugurated mall in Livorno covers an area of approximately 15,000 square meters and it houses a supermarket, seven megastores and more than thirty shops. To meet the demands of the customer, LU.MAR. installed on the roof of the central building a last generation photovoltaic solar field able to satisfy a portion of the energy needed by the entire shopping center.


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