Home automation, or "robotic home", is the set of interdisciplinary activities to make your home a smart home. When building a “Domotic home” the interaction between architecture and plant design is fundamental.
LU.MAR. operates directly in the part related to the plants, leaving other aspects to specialized companies in their respective sectors, using however the consolidated partnerships with construction companies architectural and structural engineering firm in the event of "turnkey" required work.
For an improved quality of life, the main functions of a smart home can be summarized as follows:
The first two points demonstrate the difference between an excellent plant and a poor quality system. The house may be able to meet exceptional and surprising needs, resulting vain when they are far from actual customer needs, or which enjoyment makes man enslaved by his own home and the technology it contains.
A home is really smart when it is made to satisfy men’s needs and not vice versa.
It is possible to install a modular system, that is editable, expandable and tailor made, all according to the needs and tastes of the customer. The system also has to be maintainable and easily integrated with most communication protocols on the market.
The difference between a house and a building, regardless of its intended use, is little. Therefore, the transition from home automation to building management system (BMS), in building energy management system (BEMS), becomes only an agreement with the client in order to identify which are the aspects listed above to be given greater prominence and importance.
In all this LU.MAR. stands as the ideal partner to assist customers in analyzing their needs, in the proposition of adequate system to meet them, going to create an open practical and functional ecosystem, offering a customization modeled to the smallest detail on customer needs.


We create systems for extra-luxury villas, developing both the planning and the implementation, thanks to a staff of designers, electrical and mechanical planners.
We offer a turnkey service, creating systems that can be managed remotely via telephone, from heating to the alarm, and guaranteeing an accurate after-sales assistance service.

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