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LU.MAR. Impianti s.r.l. is a leading enterprise in the electrical sector, operating either in the industrial or in the civil sector, intended as residential, commercial and service. LU.MAR. aims to reach customer loyalty thanks to a strong propensity to problem solving, surpassing the only effectiveness (achieving the goal), focusing on the pursuit of efficiency (achievement of the lowest possible cost, understood as a return on investment).
LU.MAR. performs this task on the basis of the deep knowledge of the sector in which it operates, through an acquired and consolidated direct experience on the field and thanks to a flexible and dynamic structure, constantly updated on the newest technologies. That’s why LU.MAR. is a unique partner on the market, for the realization of any plants and their maintenance, but also to give support during the decision-making process, and finally provide support for the preparation of all the documentation required by law imposed by various public and private entities. A crucial aspect is the regulation, monitoring and control of the plants construction. The communication and integration between the different devices is the main technical problem to solve in order to achieve a successful modern installation system that will satisfy the purpose; it has also to be efficient from the energy point of view, easily maintainable, and ultimately flexible to face any future customer need to redistribute their space or function.
LU.MAR. stands as certified company in the field of electrical and special systems, air conditioning, routine and emergency lighting, video surveillance, burglar and fire safety, residential home automation and building energy management system. LU.MAR. is able to provide work and services ranging from consulting, design or implementation to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, supported by internal and external qualified constantly updated personnel and establishing strong partnerships. It counts on a fleet of vehicles, certified and advanced equipment in order to operate safely and expertise in existing plants or newly built, on ordinary or particular historical and artistic valued buildings.


LU.MAR produces energy with Dynamo Energy

The first machine on the market that produces clean energy using different renewable sources

LU.MAR. continue sailing

LU.MAR. shipbuilding continues