LU.MAR. offers a consultancy service to provide answers to technical and bureaucratic problems. We offer technical advice to our customers, the most suitable solution tailored to restore the functionality of the plant and, when necessary, we identify the type of plant to be installed. Our staff relieves the client from the bureaucratic aspect of management by completing and depositing on schedule all the documentation to the competent authorities, and suggests all benefits and subsides included in the latest national and European regulations.



LU.MAR. puts at your service its expertise in order to identify the interventions on the systems useful for their optimization, in terms of energy savings. In order to find the best solution for every customer’s requirements and ensure greater results, we proceed to the planning of the work to minimize the downtime, replacing components with new generation devices and installing new management and monitoring of consumption systems. When the laws permit, LU.MAR supports customers also in the request phase of the Titoli di Efficienza Energetica (TEE, Energy Efficiency Certificates), the so-called “certificati bianchi” (“white certificates”) that prove to the energy savings achieved by carrying out specific interventions, most notably those of energy efficiency.

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