LU.MAR. Impianti has been using the best partnerships for years, to always offer its customers the solutions for the realization of the most innovative and customized projects.


Respect for the environment and attention to sustainability are a topic of great interest to LU.MAR. In fact, thanks to the new partnership signed with the Verde 21 start-up, Lu.Mar. adds to its baggage of Green Energy a new unique and cutting-edge technology. This is Dynamo Energy, the first machine on the market capable of using synergistically different renewable sources to produce completely clean energy, combining energy independence, respect for the environment and Italian design for the first time.


For over twenty years a constant point of reference for builders, system integrators, university centers and research centers who have chosen KNX technology for the construction of home automation systems and intelligent building automation.

LU.MAR. & S.T.S.

OCTOPUS PROJECT is an innovative project by S.T.S. for a global control on board. An advanced and comprehensive management of all technical activities. Guaranteed turnkey supply, under the responsibility of a single interlocutor.


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