LU.MAR. is partner of municipalities and organizations throughout Italy, in order to achieve a system of public lighting that ensures performances (like average illuminance, uniformity, color rendering, glare index) required by law to let each space be safe, inexpensive, efficient and with a low environmental impact. According to the peculiarity that distinguishes every single intervention (like the public garden, the pedestrian area, the main street) our technicians work in possession of all the certifications and the safety devices (third category) necessary to operate in height. Thanks to our lifting platforms and machinery suited to the poles relocation, we can operate completely independently.


Specialized public lighting works - Redevelopment of the area facing the Cisternone.
The new lighting systems included the installation of candelabra in style with three pastoral arms, light centers near the fountain area, projectors to be applied to the wall for the lighting of Via del Corona, small LED steplight projectors, and small LED spotlights to illuminate the trees on the square. 


Energy efficiency works of the existing sections of Viale Della Vittoria with total reconstruction of the lines and installation of new lighting bodies.



LU.MAR. recently installed the streetlights from the characteristic curved design in the central Via Marradi in Livorno, and also the public lighting system of the prestigious “Pentagono Buontalenti”, which contains the most important historic buildings of the city. We also upgraded the street lighting in the pedestrian crossing point of viale Italia and via Mondolfi in order to increase safety for pedestrians.
Another important work is the Livorno stadium Armando Picchi’s lighting, where old projectors were replaced with high efficiency new light fixtures with innovative optics designed specifically for the proper and effective average vertical and horizontal illuminance of the playing grid, according modern standards imposed by the Football League to Serie A and the Radio and Television broadcasters (Rai, Sky, Mediaset).
It therefore highlights the multifaceted nature of LU.MAR. that is able to work professionally and safely in different fields of "public" lighting: architectural, street furniture, roads, sports facilities.


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