LU.MAR. designs and manufactures industrial technological systems, intended as thermal systems for space heating or to serve the production processes, air renewal systems with heat recovery or just ventilation and suction where the specific processes make it necessary, or fire fighting water plants, hot and cold potable water distribution systems, industrial water distribution systems installations for the distribution and use of technical gases (mainly compressed air, natural gas, argon, carbon dioxide).
We evaluate the suitable plant for the single intervention on the air conditioning, mainly referring to hydronic solutions or direct expansion. A careful study into the identification of the hygrothermal comfort and air cleaning level is carried out according to the intended use of the rooms, in agreement with the customer and regardless of the adopted plant solution. This is achieved thanks to large interdisciplinary skills strictly connecting air conditioning to electrical and special regulation and control systems. Consequently the air condition system is designed and built, inclusive of its management system, to achieve the intended purpose and in compliance with safety regulations.


We have built thermo-hydraulic and electrical systems at the new multipurpose sports hall in Buti. We have created for the electrical part the f.m. lighting, emergencies, fire prevention, electrical panels. For the mechanical part, the thermal plant, the radiant floor, the heat pump, ventilation / heating and cooling system with heat recovery units for the changing rooms and services. 


After a first staging of the "Pontone Filippo" in Gaeta, LU.MAR. Impianti was commissioned to power the boat, thus releasing it from the continuous presence of tugboats for their own mobility. The work required the insertion of a dynamic positioning system, two "outboard" engines located aft and a 200Kw Bow-Thruster type, installed on the bow. Currently the vehicle is located at the industrial port of Piombino where it is proceeding to complete the last works pending the inspections of the technical-administrative staff for the achievement of the relative RINA certifications.


LU.MAR. has been for years the reference company for the maintenance of electrical and technological systems of the Interporto Toscano Amerigo Vespucci of Guasticce, that thanks to the the new Livorno’s Port plan will get larger and crucial for the sorting of goods from all over the world. 
BCube is an Italian group specialized in logistics present in 113 countries worldwide. For this reality, LU.MAR. operates as a contractor in the electrical maintenance, special systems and data transmission (including fiber optic cabling), the drinking water and the industrial distribution, gas methane and fire system. 

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